Vytautas Vaičys
passion in software engineering

Professional experience

  • Developing C# applications since .NET 1.0
  • SPA/web/desktop/service application development
  • Public facing API development and scaling
  • SQL/NoSQL application development and optimization
  • Extensive DevOps experience for most CI and cloud platforms

Favorite areas of specialization

  • System and application architecture
  • Scalability, availability and security challenges
  • User experience and design
  • Software engineering challenges

Notable qualifications

  • Profound knowledge of the general PC platform
  • Extensive knowledge of Microsoft operating systems and solutions
  • Working level experience in Windows/Linux server environments
  • Intermediate level knowledge of networks and network protocols
  • Extensive knowledge of multimedia platforms and solutions

Other experience

  • Web development with TS, Angular and React
  • Limited Python, C/C++, VB, VBA experience